Veronika Kludajová

My name is Veronika Kludajová and I am the headmistress of the school Montessori Children´s House. I was born in Montreal, Canada, but the most of my life I have spent in the Czech Republic, so I am fluent in both Czech and English language.  

In my life, I have always followed what life was offering to me. That´s why my journey might be different from others. During my studies at High School in Prague I was studying abroad one semester in Nova Scotia, Canada at Horton High School. I noticed that their way of teaching is much more suitable for me. After I finished high school, I studied one year at the University of Economics and two years at the Charles University of Pedagogics majoring in Education and mathematics, both in Prague. This experience showed me that this is not the way I want to be taught. During this challenging time, I did leadership training, and I became a certified coach. I was working for a half year in the Outdoor Montessori kindergarten Cestička, where I got excited about the Montessori method. Thanks to these experiences I found out what I want, which is an alternative way of studying and teaching. Therefore, I have decided to complete the Montessori training for working with children between 3 and 6 years old. 

I am always open to learn new things. I am interested in psychology, motivation and children´s development and that´s why I attended seminars of the therapeutic method The Journey. My other hobbies are sports, traveling and baking. 

Montessori Children´s House means a lot to me. I fell in love with this place so quickly and I just knew that I am in the right place at the right time. Every day I am learning so much from all the children. They are showing me that this is what I want to do, this is my destiny and thanks to them I have found my passion and meaning in life.  


Lýdia Drabiková
Lead teacher

My name is Lýdia and I am from eastern Slovakia, where I grew up with my parents and three older brothers in a small village called Chmeľov. I enjoyed a simple, rural life where I would find any reason to help my mother cook, wash the dishes, work in the garden, or take care of the animals. Even though my parents had never heard of the Montessori method, I felt like I had experienced a true Montessori childhood.

I studied Chemistry and English literature at Comenius University in Bratislava. To finance my undergraduate studies, I found a part-time job as a teacher in a private kindergarten, where I was introduced to Montessori pedagogy by a colleague. I was intrigued by this different view on children’s education, and therefore I enrolled in a two-year national course on Montessori pedagogicaly thought taught by Soňa Bobeková. The more I learned about the Montessori approach to children’s development, the more I wanted to put it into practice. Luckily, an opportunity arose and I took up a job as a full-time Montessori teacher at Private kindergarten and primary school of Maria Montessori in Bratislava (the first school of this kind in Slovakia), where I was surrounded by experienced professionals. These people then went on to become my personal coaches and some of them even became my close friends. During this time, I completed a multitude of Montessori-oriented courses: English Language in a Montessori Classroom, Enter Into Silence, Concentration and Education for Peace, Music in a Montessori Kindergarten, Jolly Phonics Training Day, Techniques of Artefiletics in Development of Graphomotorics, and I am looking forward to extending this list even further.

In 2020, I moved to Prague to support my boyfriend in pursuing a PhD in theoretical astrophysics at Charles University. Therefore, I looked for a Montessori kindergarten located in Prague, where I could apply all my acquired knowledge, but at the same time broaden my horizons and challenge myself. It is then no surprise at all that I ended up at Montessori Children’s House.


Ashley Tibbetts
Teacher’s assistant

My name is Ashley and I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the USA. Growing up, I was homeschooled in a similar way to the Montessori method; I was encouraged to explore my interests and spend time learning everything I could. This involved starting piano lessons, which I later went on to study in college and obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance.  

 I moved to Prague, Czech Republic three years ago in October 2017. Initially, I planned to live here and teach English to adults for 1 year. However, I found myself teaching two boys, ages 4 and 6, and quickly discovered how fun and rewarding it is to support children’s natural curiosity and encourage their eagerness to explore the world around them. I wanted to do more of this, which led me to the position of English Assistant at Montessori Children’s House. 

 In my free time I enjoy traveling, playing piano, hiking, and learning the Czech language.